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How will you pay your bills?
For many people, not just the self-employed, the reality is that if something medical happens to you that prevents you from doing your job, you will no longer be earning an income. State disability benefit is just €203 p.w. / €10,556 p.a., which would be quite a drop in income and is most likely, not enough to pay for all of your basic household bills, never mind the odd luxury.
Everyone needs an Income Protection plan.
Not all employers will pay their staff indefinitely if they were unable to work. 
You must also choose how long you would like the policy to pay you for. 
Five life assurance companies in Ireland offer income protection plans and Family Cover deal with all of them.
We will help you choose the most suitable offer.
An Income Protection plan offers you terrific support.
Some points worth noting
Disability benefit
If you are self-employed, you are not entitled to any State disability benefit.
State disability benefit is only €203 per week for an individual and may be payable for a maximum of 2 years only.
If you are employed, you should consider how long you will be paid by your employer if you are out of work due to ill health. Your employers can inform you of your entitlements.
Over 55% of current income protection claims being paid, would NOT have been covered by a specified serious illness policy.
Family Cover have been providing expert advice on Income Protection Plans in Ireland since 2000. We know how to get you the best possible cover.
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