You've got everything in place a long time ago... how do you know if it's still suitable or good value?

What was once suitable, may no longer be so.

There are so many reasons why people should carry out a review of the cover they have in place every few years.  For starters, your own circumstances may have changed – More kids?  Higher income?  More financial commitments?

Basically, what was once suitable to your needs may now not be enough, or in some cases, may now be too much cover.  There is also the high chance that you are paying too much for the cover that you do have.  This is particularly likely if you originally arranged your cover through a bank.  

Reviewing your protection cover is so easy to do and will most likely result in improved quality of cover at a lower price.

We can also review your mortgage.  If you have spent years enjoying the benefits of a tracker rate, but now feel that you may be better off looking to fix your mortgage interest rate for a bit more stability, let us review the market for you.  You may likewise have started with a fixed rate mortgage that is due to expire shortly, but you don’t know what your options are and you don’t really like the look of the variable rate that your lender is going to put you on.  Please talk to us.  A simple and quick conversation can genuinely save you tens of thousands of Euro.

Benefits of a review.

Please consider the following;

  • This is a quick, free & easy service.
  • You will save money every month.
  • The quality of your cover will improve.
  • It’s like renewing the peace of mind you sought when you originally took out your cover!
  • Worst case, you will end up with a simple sheet detailing what cover you have with which company and know that the cover you have is still the best for your needs.

If you have no idea what cover you do have in place and you just have a stream of direct debits leaving your bank account every month to life assurance companies, that ‘look important’, then you really need to have a chat with a QFA qualified Family Cover adviser.  Get in touch now by phoning us on 01 668 6136 or complete this form & we’ll get in touch with you.

You may also wish to complete this fact find form, to give us an idea of what cover you have in place and what you are looking to protect.

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