Life Assurance

Life Assurance

Not all Life Assurance policies are the same.

So you’ve established a need to provide for your family in the event of your death…

It’s never going to be a great conversation.   It involves going through a journey of discussing what would happen, mostly financially, to your family if you were to die during your working years.  Having a chat about your mortality, whilst unpleasant, can also feel quite freeing.

Life assurance serves one main purpose – To provide a lump sum of money to your family when you die.  But how you structure it, how much you take out, for how long and which life assurance company you choose, needs advice.  It needs accurate, helpful & trustworthy advice.  This is where we feel a discussion with a qualified Family Cover adviser comes into play.

Life assurance serves one main purpose – To provide a lump sum of money to your family when you die.

Fixing the potential financial problem is great, but it’s the emotional add-ons that really bring home the value.  Knowing that your family will survive comfortably after you die can bring enormous peace of mind.  It allows your surviving partner to take as much time off work to grieve as they need to.  It allows your kids to continue living where they live and go to the same schools.  Your aspirations for your family can continue.

Do not get caught paying too much for something that won’t give what you think it will.

A meeting with a Family Cover adviser costs you nothing, but it’s value can be enormous.


Types of life assurance cover we advise on.

Summary:  There are so many reasons why people look to take out life assurance cover.  Our role is to find out what your concerns are and guide you through the process of setting up your cover in a way that addresses all of your concerns in a tax efficient and cost effective way.  We deal with every life assurance company in Ireland, so the advice that you receive from us will be the best that you can get.  Take step 1 now… organise a chat with a Family Cover Adviser.

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