Mortgages... Where to begin?!

What is it that Family Cover do?

We provide an advice based service for both first and second time buyers who are looking to borrow a minimum of €500k to buy a home in Ireland.  Our role, in helping you to buy your new home, is to review the market from the varied selection of lenders that we deal with, ensure that you are ready to apply for a new mortgage, explain the whole process to you and look after every bit of administration and contact with a lender from start to finish until you get the keys to your home.
Our real area of expertise lies in dealing with professionals who are in control of their finances, know how much they earn and can provide valid, up to date documentation to confirm this.  They are looking for someone trustworthy who can advise them on which lender best suits their needs, who will be a single and consistent point of contact for them to deal with and will look after all of the administration involved in securing a mortgage on their behalf.

Securing a mortgage from an Irish lender in 2024 is an art form, which can involve months of proper planning and preparation.  This is what we guide our clients through, to make sure that their journey to their new home is as direct as possible.

In addition to the Central Bank of Ireland macro prudential lending rules, each lender also has their own list of rules and requirements before they will agree to give you the money that you need to buy your new home.  One of our roles, as your mortgage adviser, is to know all of these rules inside out, for each lender.  This knowledge allows us to accurately advise you on which mortgage to take from which lender and at which interest rate.  This makes a HUGE difference to how your home buying journey goes for you – not just the financial difference, but the actual experience from your first conversation with your dedicated Family Cover adviser, through to getting the keys to your new home.

How to get the keys to your new home.

Before you can even apply for a mortgage, there are several sensible steps you should take.


Best advice…

  • Get your bank accounts in order.  No ‘unpaid fees’ and stay within any pre-agreed overdraft limits.
  • Do not take on any new short term borrowings  That 241D car can wait!
  • **VITAL** Make sure you can prove at least 6 months evidence of being able to pay your new mortgage repayment amount. DRA – Demonstrated Repayment Ability.
  • Ensure complete clarity of where your money comes from & what happens to it once you get it.
  • Show evidence of your savings history & your deposit.
  • Self-employed or a Company Director?  Tax returns & accounts must be up to date.

The easiest way to get your new home is to organise an initial informal chat with a Family Cover Mortgage Adviser.  We can guide you through the entire mortgage application process and we will be there to answer any questions that you may have about the actual home buying process itself.  

We genuinely love doing this and we feel we’re really good at it.  We save our clients countless hours of worry & hassle and tens of thousands of Euro in interest payments over the term of their mortgage.

The process of buying your new home should involve you enjoying the whole experience – finding a home, planning your new colours and layout… leave the misery of organising different appointments at different times with different lenders to us.  We’ll chase them and deal with the inevitable nightmares behind the scenes, without even letting you know!

Our typical clients are professionals who understand the value that good advice brings. They engage with us, they take the necessary steps to ensure quality, documented evidence of everything that a lender will need to see.  Finally, they trust us to let them know what needs to be provided, in what format and when.  If you feel that you would work well with correct guidance and a professional approach, we’d love to save you time, money & hassle with your mortgage, so get in touch with your Family Cover adviser today.  Phone us on 01 668 6136 NOW or complete this form and we’ll get in touch with you.

We will be paid a fee of 1% of your drawndown loan amount by your lender for the work that we carry out on your behalf.  All lenders will pay us the same fee, so if we recommend a particular lender to you, it is based on your needs and not on us earning more from one lender than another.  For particularly complex or time consuming cases, we may charge you an upfront fee, but this will be disclosed to you well in advance.

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