Income Protection

Income protection

This is vital. Your income pays for everything. Protect it.

Income Protection Cover.

Consider the following…

How long would you survive, financially speaking, if something happened to you that prevented you from being able to earn a regular income?   How long would your savings last?  State Disability Benefit is €12,064 a year.  Is €1,005 a month enough money to pay your mortgage or rent, your grocery bills and any other basic household bills?  Not to mention any ‘luxuries’ like a Friday night take-away!

How long will your employers pay you for if you are unable to work due to an illness?  Ask them… You may be surprised by their answer. 

This is where an income protection plan comes in.

An income protection plan is a tax efficient insurance policy that is designed to pay you up to 75% of your gross annual income if you are unable to work due to ANY accident, illness, injury or disability.  There are 5 life assurance companies in Ireland that offer this type of policy.  It’s easy to establish that you NEED an income protection plan, but how do you know which life assurance company to go with and what level of benefit to take?  Family Cover QFA accredited advisers are qualified to help you structure your income protection plan to suit YOUR needs – not the life assurance company’s or the bank’s.  Complete this quote request form and an adviser will send you some suggestions to secure your financial future and guide you through the whole process.

Protect your income.  It pays for everything.  An Income Protection plan removes the worry & makes sure your bills will be paid.

The monthly premiums that you pay for your income protection plan qualify for tax relief at the marginal rate of tax.  This makes it considerably cheaper.  Our role, as your advisers, is to make sure that the policy you choose is set up correctly, with the best provider and at the lowest cost, providing you with the peace of mind that, should something unexpected happen, your income will continue and you won’t have that additional worry.

Income Protection claims.

We’ve been doing this for over 20 years.  We have seen plenty of clients claim from their income protection policies.  We know the difference that this has made to their families.  How you are treated in the event of a claim is so important.  The Family Cover support staff will be with you throughout the journey.


Additional benefits.

  • Premiums qualify for tax relief at the marginal rate of tax – 40%.
  • Cover up to age 70 available.
  • Receive payment of benefit in as little as 4 weeks from start of illness.
  • Hospitalisation benefit included.
  • Access to Aviva Care package – At no additional cost.
  • Regular benefit paid – Not a one off amount.
  • No list of illnesses to qualify.  ANYTHING medical that prevents you from being able to do your own job.

Income Protection cover is vital.

We cannot stress enough just how important it is to have an income protection plan.  It provides you with complete peace of mind to know that you will continue to have a stream of income coming in to your household to cover your bills or expenses.  Remember – Just because you stop being able to work & earn, doesn’t mean that your mortgage repayments / rent, grocery bills, energy bills stop.

Get in touch with an expert Family Cover adviser now and begin the process of securing your income in a cost efficient way.  We have been doing this for decades and know how to make sure that the cover that you believe you have, is the cover that you do actually have.  Do not put this off.

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