September 28, 2023 in Mortgages

Are BOI / Bank of Ireland Mortgages your best option?

So, our little test is this!  

We’ve been doing some research on mortgages and how to get our new website to rank higher for the search term ‘Mortgage’ on The Google in Ireland.  We’re doing this because we believe we provide an excellent service and terrific advice for people looking to borrow money to buy a home and we’d like to get some new clients… we are a business after all!

When doing our research, we noticed that the search term of ‘Mortgage’ actually ranks higher when the term ‘BOI’ or ‘Bank of Ireland’ or ‘Bank of Ireland The Mortgage Store’ is placed with it.  Hence this article.

If you have been searching online for mortgage advice and you are considering taking out a mortgage with Bank of Ireland and you have been brought to this blog post, if you allow us to guide you through this whole process and look after your mortgage application for you, apart from not charging a fee and looking after the hassle for you, we will provide you with your mortgage protection policy free of charge for the first year if you quote the term ‘BOI Mortgages from Family Cover’ in your first contact with us.

In fairness to BOI, they are consistently in the top 3 mortgage providers when it comes to interest rates, which ultimately determines the cost of your mortgage, both monthly in your mortgage repayment, but also over the longer term of your mortgage. Securing your mortgage with Bank of Ireland or The Mortgage Store through an intermediary, like, does not cost you anything extra.  In fact it will really just end up saving you alot of time, money & hassle.

Let the games begin… Keen to see if this blog post makes it anywhere!

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