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Mortgage protection’s sole purpose is to clear the outstanding balance on a mortgage if one of the mortgage holders dies during the term of the mortgage. The amount of cover paid out equals whatever is outstanding on your mortgage at the time.
You need this insurance when you’re borrowing money to buy a home in Ireland.
Do NOT accept what your bank is offering you! They are just too expensive.
How does mortgage protection work?
This is also known as decreasing term assurance cover.
Everyone needs to be covered.
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Apart from it being a requirement of your mortgage lender that you need to have this policy in place, it also makes sense given the huge impact it can have.
Save your money
When you are comparing like with like, lowest cost is best for your mortgage protection policy.
Look at this example:
A couple, both 35 years old, borrow €300,000 over a 30 year term to buy a home.
They need a mortgage protection policy to match this. Cover through FamilyCover would cost them €25.24 per month whereas this would cost them €36.90 per month through their mortgage lender!
One is 46% more expensive than the other!
Is the more expensive one better or different in any way? No. They are the exact same product with the exact same purpose and the exact same benefits. Get your mortgage protection policy from
It makes sense and saves you money.
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