We have a very simple mission. Our mission is to make sure that every single family in Ireland has some form of basic protection cover in place. Just enough to make sure that the show can stay on the road, financially, if something medical were to happen to one of the income earners during their working life. We make sure this is done through transparency, education and all at the best price possible.

Being an expert means that we have read the terms and conditions of each and every protection policy provided by the main life assurance companies in Ireland, so we are in the best position to make sure you know, before starting your cover, what you are and are not covered for. Every life assurance company in Ireland claims to be the best… but who is telling the truth?

We deal with the following life assurance companies in Ireland;

  1. Aviva Life & Pensions.

  2. Irish Life.

  3. New Ireland.

  4. Royal London.

  5. Standard Life.

  6. Zurich Life & Pensions.

We are regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and we are members of Brokers Ireland.

We also hold agency agreements with the following lenders in Ireland;

  1. Brokers Ireland Network Services Ltd.

  2. Dilosk DAC

  3. Haven Mortgages Ltd.

  4. The Governor & Company of Bank of Ireland.