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Having some financial protection insurance in place to make sure the show stays on the road financially, if something were to happen to you, can provide a wonderful peace of mind. Don't get caught up in continuing to pay for cover that no longer meets your needs or is now available for lower premiums elsewhere. Let the experts at Family Cover review the market for you. Better is available for less.
We love fixing this kind of thing!
smile We always end up looking like champions after a review!

In order for us to carry out a review of the cover that you have, we need some details from you

You can fill out the form below, and we also need you (all names listed on the policy) to complete and sign a letter from you, addressed to the insurance companies, that provides us with permission to get up to date information on the policies that you currently hold*.
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* This information will allow us to make an accurate assessment on whether the cover you currently have can be improved upon either cover wise or for a lower monthly premium. Worst case, this simple exercise could leave you with further peace of mind knowing that the cover that you have already, is still suitable to your needs and at the best price. By submitting your information, you are giving Family Cover permission to contact you.
Stories we love to hear
The O'Donnell Family, Dublin
Delighted to have finally sorted out our cover!
I have to say that the thought of setting up some life assurance for us produced the same fear as writing a will! But we are delighted that we got in touch with Brian @ because he explained everything to us in plain English and made the whole process of setting up...