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We believe that every single adult in Ireland should have at least €250k of life assurance cover, so we have organised a huge €100 Million of cover at below market rates. Have you claimed yours yet? Following the success of #250kcover in 2021, we are delighted to announce that this offer is back for 2022! We have negotiated the best possible rates we can find in the Irish market, so don't delay & sign up for your discounted #250kcover today.
€0 Million
€100 Million
€68m Gone so far
The lowest possible prices
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Just €2.81 a week for self-employed*
We feel that this is a must have, not a nice to have.
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Your life (or lives) will be insured for €250k for a term of 20 years, when hopefully the kids will be able to fend for themselves financially (!), with the option to extend the policy for a longer term at any stage without having to answer any more medical questions. This guarantees you insurability in the future. You can also add in 10% or 20% Specified Serious Illness Cover should you wish.
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